About Us

Founded in 2020, Sense Studios is a clothing label based in Bali, Indonesia which focuses on sustainable & ethical menswear. The name, Sense Studios is a representation of what the brand focuses on: experimenting on sense of aesthetic. We believe that with the existence of aesthetic sense, every single thing can be artsy, and clothing we made is no exception. We combine both admirable design & finest clothing manufacturing process to create well-designed menswear which lasts a lifetime.

The Finest Experience

We don’t only provide you clothes, but the whole experience on becoming the part of our family. Every order placed comes with one of our signature cards, and is neatly sealed inside our signature hard box.

Sustainable, Ethical, & Slow Fashion

We create long lasting clothes, ones with serious sustainability by considering certain main aspects: best materials (mostly pure organic cotton) and extremely neat double stitching. Not only that, we are trying our best to be ethical, to avoid bringing negative impact to the environment. Hence we prefer to use reusable hard boxes rather than plastics as our packaging. Last but not least, we take part in slow fashion movement, to not make our beloved family relying on their consumerism and only purchase things they love and will to purchase. Therefore we make our own permanent collection that will available in year round called “The Staple Collection”, which consists of staple clothes that’s designed to their wearer 24/7 companion.

Direct to you

All of our clothes aren’t distributed to third parties like retailers or marketplaces, which means we skip wholesale and avoid you to pay any markup from it. High-quality clothes at much better prices.

Contact Us

Instagram: @sensestudios
Whatsapp: +62 852 334455 91
E-mail: sensestudiosteam@gmail.com
Website: sensestudiosofficial.com